The ATLAS-Network

European Special Intervention Units combating terrorism and violent crime

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For the first time ever, all 38 European Special Operations Units of the European ATLAS network have opened their gates and archives and collaborated on a unique book in english and german language.

English Version

For the first time ever, all 38 European Special Operations Units of the European ATLAS network have opened their gates and archives and collaborated on a unique book.

Deutsche Version

Ein faszinierender Einblick in die Arbeit der europäischen Antiterror-Experten und ein einzigartiges Sachbuch mit Informationen aus erster Hand!



Chairman of ATLAS, Europol and the European Commission for Migration and Home Affairs


High quality production with Hardcover Artwork and more than 350 images on 400 pages. Available in German and English


Unique insights on all 38 Units of ATLAS Network and the History and Structure of the ATLAS Association


38 units | 32 countries | 1 common goal

First reference book reporting the unique ATLAS Network

When, on September 11, 2001, the world community witnessed hitherto unimaginable brutal terroristic attacks, this marked the beginning of a new era in the fight against terrorism. The attacks not only targeted at the United States of America but against all free and democratic communities. The European Union reacted immediately by founding a network of Special Intervention Units: the ATLAS Network. 20 years later, 38 counter-terrorism units out of 27 member states of the European Union and the three associated countries Norway, Switzerland, and Iceland, as well as the United Kingdom belong to this network. They all are united in the motto “ALL TOGETHER TO PROTECT YOU”. The primary aim of ATLAS is to harmonize the standards of all European counter-terrorism units. So that the units can act in their best possible way during joint operations and can meet their legal mandate to protect the lives of innocent from terrorism and violent crime. The new release “ATLAS Network – European Special Intervention Units Combating Terrorism and Violent Crime” is the first reference book reporting this unique network. Therefore, the ATLAS Network and its 38 participating units opened their doors and archives. As a result, a fascinating and exclusive insight into this European success story has emerged. The book gives a detailed introduction about the development of the ATLAS Network, about the milestones and about upcoming key aspects.

The organisational structure and the close cooperation with Europol are explained in detail. The many forums and expert groups of ATLAS focus on special topics and build up a platform for professional exchange and joint exercises. They will be presented in words and vision so that a wide insight into the numerous activities of the network is given. The meanwhile 38 special units of ATLAS will be illustrated with their operations, selection processes, training procedures and specific characteristics. Thus, the book provides a detailed encyclopaedia of European counter-terrorism units. To complete the portrait a chapter about weaponry and equipment is added.

To guarantee full authenticity, all 38 ATLAS units authorised their portraits. Several hundred, mostly unpublished and in some cases extremely spectacular photos offer fascinating insights into the everyday life of European counter- terrorism units.



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The Editor

Christoph Lippay has been a specialist journalist and author for many years. In 2018, together with S+K, he founded the specialist journal TAKTIK + MEDIZIN, the first German-language journal on tactical medicine. Since then he has headed the editorial department and works closely with security authorities.

The Publisher

For more than 40 years the specialist publisher Stumpf and Kossendey has been offering books and journals around on the topic of emergency medicine and intensive care. The figurehead are magazines and books written by practitioners for practitioners. Especially the journals RETTUNGSDIENST and TAKTIK + MEDIZIN are well-known all over German speaking countries in Europe.



ATLAS Operator

“I am very pleased to contribute to this excellent publication, which describes how the women and men from the Special Intervention Units part of the ATLAS Network effectively contribute to the security of our European citizens.”

Catherine De Bolle - Executive Director of Europol

“We can only encourage you to read this book about this European success story on operational cooperation in the field of internal security.”

Monique Pariat - Director-General - EU Directorate-General Migration and Home Affairs